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Prudence is a virtue

Prudence has been a virtue throughout the history of man. This web site will help you develop prudence and thereby reward you with a better life.

This website is all about saving money. The comprehensive information will help you understand financial products and choose them on more than just price alone. Value for money is the true measure of worth. We also aim to help you assess your wants and needs. Many people are surprised to discover that what they think they want often does not deliver the satisfaction they expect.

Upgrade your mobile or save money

Read my story of how I saved £786 by not upgrading to iPhone 5

Credit Card Special

With the recent changes in the world of credit cards we have refreshed our focus on how to transfer credit card debts and what's the chance of writing off your credit card debts. You can still take advantage of up to 5% cashback from certain credit cards if you are looking for a high percentage cashback card.

New - Car Loan Calculator

We have been busy developing new calculators to help you work out your finances. The latest addition is our car loan calculator which makes the job of working out what car you can afford much easier.

Featured Articles
  • Save money when holidaying with baby - 30th January, 2014

    If this year is the first time you are going on holiday with a baby or young child, then you will be having lots of thoughts about what you'll be needing to take with you and the practicalities of transporting your little one(s) and all of their stuff!

  • Things to Consider Before Taking a Car Loan - 15th August, 2013

    You’ve picked your car after months of searching for the right one. The salesman is about to take you through the forms, when the final sales push comes on top of their financing deal. You freeze, you’re not sure what to do – is this setting you back more than you thought?...

  • How Cash Advance Loans Work - 31st July, 2013

    Cash advance loans are loans that work in relation to your personal circumstances, affordability and proximity to your payday. They act as an easy way of getting quick cash to solve short-term, urgent expenses that you may not be able to afford at the time...

  • Expat Finance Guide - 15th July, 2013

    Financial planning may sound dull, but it’s an inescapable part of our lives and often tied to big occasions, like a career change, wedding or your child’s graduation. When you come to financial planning and investments as an expat though, things can get complicated...

  • Things to Consider for Those Wanting to Change Broadband Providers - 25th June, 2013

    You may want to change your broadband provider for a number of reasons. Perhaps your current broadband connection doesn’t have the speeds you want, or perhaps you’ve see another provider advertise a service that is far better value for money...

  • Options for People Who Have Outgrown Their Home - 15th February, 2013

    It’s often a hard thing to have to accept, but it eventually happens to most people, particularly if you have a growing family. When it does finally reach the stage that you’ve outgrown your home and can no longer deny the fact, it’s time to start weighing up options...

  • Changes to the No Win No Fee System - 13th February, 2013

    A Conditional Fee Agreement (CFAs), more commonly known as a ‘no win no fee’ agreement, is an extremely common litigation funding option. Whilst it is still a very viable funding option, new changes in the law could see successful claimants having to give away a percentage of their award to lawyers...

  • Tips for finding the best no win no fee solicitor - 11th January, 2013

    ‘No win, no fee’ solicitors have become increasingly popular in Britain due to the unique service they offer in representing you in legal matters. You don’t have to pay your legal fees if the case is lost; while the losing party will have to pay your legal fees for you if you are successful...

  • Key financial considerations when getting divorced - 9th January, 2013

    Divorce is probably the most stressful thing any married adult can expect to go through in their lives. The most difficult things are dealing with your children’s emotions and managing the cold, practical and legal aspects of it while in the midst of what’s likely to be great mental pain and emotional distress...

  • A guide to securing finance for your car purchase - 6th December, 2012

    If you’re anything like the rest of us, paying for a car with cash, up-front, is absolutely unheard of. Even if you’ve got the cash in your bank account, there’s no way you could risk emptying the vaults to pay for your new wheels...

  • IVAs – Your Questions Answered - 6th December, 2012

    Individual Voluntary Arrangements, or IVAs, were introduced by the government as a new debt management solution in the late 1980s. Although many people know about IVAs, there’s still some confusion around how they work...

  • Beat the bankers - be a stockbroker in your spare time - 2nd October, 2012

    As the economy continues along its perilous path, it’s never been more important to take responsibility for managing your money and invest for the future...

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