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Add value to your property by giving your home a makeover

In today's difficult economic times the housing market continues to stagnate, so if you are looking to sell your property, or add to its value, it had better stand head and shoulders above the competition. Achieving that elusive ‘wow’ factor is the name of the game, with the hope that you can craft a stunning home that will sell itself as soon as a prospective buyer walks through the front door.

Of course, there is the danger that once you have worked on the fine details of your property you may be smitten with it once again and determined to stay put. Either way you are a winner; your property will be more comfortable and functional to live in and if you should choose to sell you will have added value, and hopefully speeded up the process of finding a buyer.

Of course, the selling process commences before a buyer walks through the front door. What we're talking about is kerb appeal. A sale can truly be many made or broken in the blink of an eye, so ensuring that the outside of your property is tidy and well-presented is a crucial part of the process. A well maintained garden will ensure that prospective buyers are not put off before they even set foot through the front door.

Estate agents often cite kitchens as one of the most crucial rooms to get right in a property. As much of family life centre’s around this room, to add value, you must create an atmosphere in which potential buyers can envisage themselves spending happy times with their family. To this end a kitchen that truly adds value to your house should not go too far down the path of personal quirkiness. By all means add ornamentation that reflects your path through life, but bear in mind that in order to add value the room must be functional and inviting to a large cross-section of the population.

Bedrooms are another area where you have the opportunity to create a “wow” moment in your home. This is another key room in which a significant proportion of our lives are spent. Once again the bedroom should reflect modern design principles, but avoid quirky and personal permanent changes.

Storage is always an issue in bedrooms, and fitted wardrobes offer the best way to maximise the space you have available to you. If your bedroom is unusually shaped, for example, one that is situated in an attic conversion, then a bespoke bedroom can work wonders in utilising all of the available space. We all have far too many clothes, and without a simple and elegant solution for their storage some are destined to languish at the back of the wardrobe, never seeing the light of day again.

Gardens also provide an opportunity to invest in your home and add value. Some investments perform better, such as wooden decking, which has been shown in studies to add an instant bump to the value of your home.

With all of these options, it is vital that you achieve a balance between getting a good return on your investment - that is, adding a significant proportion of what you invest to the value of your property - and making changes that you know will improve the standard of your day-to-day living for the rest of the time that you live there. Once you are settled in your new bespoke bedroom this may turn out to be quite some time!

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