Before You Buy

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Make yourself aware of High Street Prices before making purchases from a catalogue as although they do tend to be in line with the Recommended Retail Price, some can be a little higher due to the fact that you can have as standard 20 Weeks Interest Free to make your payment and often there is an option to have 50 Weeks Interest Free for items over £60.

This does not apply to Mail Order Shops though which are basically the same as the high street shop, but you can order by mail order, telephone or on line. This applies more to Home Shopping Catalogues but if you are unsure as to which you are looking to buy from, you will be able to tell the difference by looking at the payment methods. If you are only offered Card, Cheque, Postal Order or Paypal options then this is a store at which you will need to pay in full, if you are offered the option of opening an account and 20 Week Interest Free Payments and Free Postage are stated then this is a Home Shopping Catalogue.

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Updated on 29th May, 2009

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