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Weddings and flowers do come hand in hand - even with todays modern weddings, the bride is rarely seen without a bouquet, however, there are ways that you can make savings with our tips on budget wedding flowers. If you have a family member or friend who is creative, then you may consider doing your own flowers, but where thats not an option:

Start off by considering who or what you need flowers for. The list of traditional wedding flowers is extensive, but you could cut back by following our tips.

Flowers for the Ceremony

1) Consider the amount of bridesmaids you are having - each one will need a bouquet, so limit the numbers where possible
2) Many high street florists as well as supermarket chain florists, now sell a range of bridal flowers by post. Although you don't have an input on design, they are no doubt beautiful and cost effective.
3) Most high street stores and supermarkets now sell hair adornments, so rather than having a floral head-dress for the bride and bridesmaids, look in the shops for feathers, diamante or floral hairpieces.
4) Some of the more modern bridal bouquet designs have only one single stem flower, which obviously cuts costs
5) If you are getting married in church, ask whether there usual florist would be willing to do the arrangements in your colour choice. Although you will have to pay for the flowers, it will cost a lot less than having a florist do them and deliver them.
6) Consider the amount of flowers you need in the church. Do you really need any more than an altar arrangement and possibly one other?
7) It is usual practice to have buttonholes for all the male members of the wedding party, and some extravagant weddings would provide them for everyone in attendance. However, in order to achieve cheap wedding buttonholes, consider providing them for just the groom, best man and father of the bride.
8) If you do want to provide cheap wedding buttonholes for the ushers and other male attendants, consider using a single flower buttonhole which will be a big saving. This also makes the groom, best man and father of the bride buttonholes stand out.

Flowers for the Reception

Now that you have dealt with the flowers for the church, you have the wedding reception flowers to consider, and we have tips on savings for those also.

There is no doubt that the venue will be able to suggest a reputable wedding florist, however, this may not be the most cost effective solution, so make sure you shop around. Bear in mind that table arrangements are much easier to make yourself, even if you dont have a creative flair.

Some of the most beautiful centrepieces are the simple ones, and they are easy and cheap to do. You can buy tall lily vases for as little as £1.50 each and they are perfect with two simple long stems of lily. Your local florist would no doubt be happy to provide you with the number of lily stems you require (you don’t even have to tell them what its for), but bear in mind that you need to have them 4 or 5 days before so that you can put them in water and get some of them opening. Also, remember to cut out the stamens so that they don’t stain anyones outfits (especially the brides).

Another idea for a simple and effective centrepiece is to purchase goldfish type bowls and simply float flower heads in water, or twist long stemmed gerberas around the inside.

If you are having a civil ceremony in the same venue as your reception, look at creative ideas for having your "altar" flowers double up as your top table flowers. Also, ask the venue whether they have vases you can borrow, and base your ideas around what they have to offer.

Many venues do not allow candles on health and safety grounds, and even if you state they will be unlit, the guests are often tempted to light them. However, you can get, cheaply, storm vases, which encase the candle, and which the venue may allow. These, again are easy to create with a few simple petals in the bottom, and make perfect centrepieces.

Don’t be afraid to have a go at the table decorations, as it really is much easier to do than bouquets and headdresses. Take a look at online florist supplies to see how cheaply your budget wedding flowers can be done.

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