Choosing Budget Wedding Music

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If you are having a civil ceremony check what facilities are available, a lot of hotel type ceremonies will give you use of their CD player but to make sure that there are no hiccups on the day put the songs you want onto a CD in the order you want them played. Usually you would need music for:-

* Walking down the aisle
* Whilst signing the register
* And walking back up the aisle

As a general rule you can't usually have any religious songs played at a civil ceremony but check this with your registrar when you speak to them.

Evening music, the choice is yours but a DJ usually would work out the best value. Ask around to see if anyone you know has used a DJ recently and more importantly ask if they were they any good. If you want, ask they DJ if you can provide a play list to avoid the typical DJ songs such as "Dancing Queen" and the "Grease Remix" as this way you can have the music more to your style. Make sure you ask the venue whether you can use your own DJ.

Many churches now have PA equipment and you may be able to have music played over that rather than an organist.

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