Finding Budget Wedding Party Clothing

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For headdresses check places like Claire Accessories as you can pick up nice headbands and tiaras for not too much at all. Shoes can be a little more difficult but often shops such as New Look have pale coloured shoes, especially in the spring and summer months and they are usually a good price. If you are really getting short on funds ask your bridesmaids if instead of getting you a wedding present, would they buy their own shoes? If they know that this would really help you and that you really appreciate it then you will probably find that they really won't mind.

Wedding Ushers

Suits and shoes should be arranged by the Grooms and Best Mans but you could also ask the Ushers if they would mind paying for their Suit Hire instead of buying a wedding present as this could really reduce your costs .

Budget Flower Girls and Page Boys Clothing

As with the Bridesmaids, go along to some high street stores or check online, don't just assume that you have to hire the outfits as it may actually work out cheaper and less hassle to buy them. Where children are concerned it often can be a better idea to buy the clothes as they do have a habit of getting mucky and if you have to give back the outfits this can be nothing short of stressful.

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Updated on 15th April, 2009

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