Wedding Photography and Videos on a Budget

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Either way, ask your chosen photographer to do some test pictures (if this is a professional photographer make it clear that you would want these Free of Charge). Take a couple of pictures inside and a couple outside, then check the results. If you are happy with the way the pictures and the relationship with the photographer then confirm costs in writing and secure your booking. If you are not happy with either the pictures or you did not feel happy with the style and communication of the photographer don't feel you are obliged, advise the reasons as to why you do not want to go ahead and continue looking for a more suitable photographer.
Be very clear as to what you want from your wedding pictures as every wedding is not the same, you may prefer a more relaxed natural album than the standard more formal pictures and this is your choice.
You can also ask your guests to take lots of pictures and when they have them developed to do a copy for you too as your Wedding Gift, you will probably get some really funny pictures from this idea and see your wedding from a different angle.

Budget Wedding Videos and DVDs

If you don't want to pay for a professional as the time spent with you can be quite lengthy and as a result be costly, then ask a family member or friend with a video camera if they would mind recording it. The down side of this though could be that after a tipple or two the recording might get a bit wobbly!

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Updated on 15th April, 2009

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