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83. Renewing your car insurance policy with the same insurer won't always be the cheapest option so shop around, compare and check out cash back sites. Go ahead and change your insurer if that is what you find saves you the most money!

84. When travelling to work, look to see if you can start a car share pool to even out the cost.

85. Where possible take the healthier option of walking or cycling to your destination instead of getting in the car, you will save money, get fitter and help the environment. Consider parking your car a good distance away from your offices - walking that last mile will save you money AND improve your health.

86. Get together with other parents and look to see if you can share the school run or even set up a walk to school club on which you can all take turns to lead. You will save money, reduce car emissions and traffic congestion, and if you take up the walk to school option also give your children extra fresh air and help them stay active.

87. Learn about your cars Sweet Spot, this is the speed which you car is most cost effective. Know it and use it.

88. When filling up check your tyre pressure, if your tyres are under inflated by 20% then you'll use 10% more fuel.

89. Wash your car yourself where you can, this is a great way to cut back on extra spend.

90. How much are you paying on your car loan? Did you shop around on APR rates? Consider if you can get a better deal on car finance.

Continued from 99 Money Saving Tips

Updated on 11th August, 2009

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