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...make flowers for the parcel shelf and buy a silky throw for the back seat and there you have your wedding cars. Don't be frightened to ask around your friends, as one of their parents might be delighted to help, even proud to be asked.

If you are having a civil ceremony it is even better and it may be that you only need two trips, one for the Bridesmaids and one for the Bride and Father of the Bride.

It is traditional to have a car take the Groom and Best Man to the venue, and then go for the Bridesmaids, however, as the Groom and Best Man have to be at the venue before the guests, consider booking a taxi to get them to the church or venue. If you tell the taxi company it is to transfer a groom on his wedding day, they will make sure you get a good clean car.

1) Cheaper
2) You can choose what music is played on the way and will probably be more relaxed.
3) You won't have the worry of the car arriving for you on time as you will have more control
4) You can have who you want in your car, you could even have your Head Bridesmaid and Mum if you wanted

1) Choosing who should drive
2) Finding a suitable car or cars
3) Might not seem quite as formal

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