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Conservatories make great living spaces and can add value to your home. Depending on the kind of conservatory you want they can be quite expensive. Setting a budget before hand is a good way to make sure you get what your want within the budget you can afford.

Have a look online and in the show rooms at the latest conservatory styles and deals available.

Planning for a conservatory

If you are unsure how big you want your conservatory you could use some string and mark out the area of your new conservatory. You could also place some furniture inside the outline to give you an idea of space once finished.

Make sure the door from the conservatory is to the side this avoids the conservatory feeling like a corridor.

Budgeting your money

When budgeting for your conservatory make sure you take into account the extra features such as lighting, heating, furniture and blinds. If you do decide to go with the cheaper company remember you may not get the high spec specifications that are available.

Your conservatory quote

Get as many quotes as possible before deciding which one to go with. Keep in mind the style of your home when choosing the style of your conservatory.

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