The Costs of a Budget Wedding

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Budget Wedding Dress Prices

If ordered online dresses can start at around $358 and some include a free headdress and shoes. Dependant on the exchange rate at time of ordering this could mean that your dress, shoes and headdress would be under £200. Make sure you check other dress departments, especially on wedding dress websites as they have prom and evening dresses which are often more than suitable for using as a wedding dress from around $179.00, and they have bridesmaids dresses from around $120.

Budget Wedding Underwear Prices

Many shops stock underwear which is suitable, even stores such as Tesco. But be sure exactly what you want as often you cannot return or exchange undergarments, approx cost £40.

Something Old, New, Borrowed and Blue Costs

Really going from the guide above you would just be going for blue and a garter is the easiest option and can be purchased at around £10.

Budget Wedding Tiaras Prices

This can be very costly but if you shop around you should be able to pick one up for around £15. For the bridesmaids pop to a accessories store and pick up some fancy headbands or just make some silk flowers which can by woven into their hair.

Budget Wedding Suit Prices

For full package suit hire (ie: Suit, Shirt, Cravat, Handkerchief and Waist Coat) you will be looking to pay from around £49.

Budget Wedding Bridesmaids Dress Prices

You could pick up your bridesmaids dresses and even your wedding dress from places such as TK Maxx for around £40 each, but beware that you may not be able to get all your bridesmaids dresses to match so go with an open mind of maybe having the same colour but slightly different styles for each OR 2 in one colour and style and 2 in another. As long as your flowers coordinate no one will think it strange, just unique. Other stores you can try for Bridesmaid dresses are Next where you can pick up a dress at around £40 and Christmas time is a good time to check them out as they tend to have a little more choice around this time. Bridesmaids shoes could be picked up at places such as New Look with ballet pumps around £12.

Budget Wedding Flower Girl and Page Boy Outfit Prices

For both head for the high street especially if the sales are on as this always a good time to grab a bargain. For the boys you would be looking to pay £30 for pants, top waist coat and shoes and for the girls under £20 for a dress, shoes and headband.

Budget Wedding Ring Prices

If you choose Silver then they can be purchased at around £15, and if you choose gold around the £40. Try websites such as The Jewellery Channel where you can pick up a Silver Band with a Diamond for under £20.

Wedding Table Decoration Prices

Again this can be done by making your silk flowers and buying some bud vases which if you shop around can get 12 for around £20.

Budget Wedding Stationery Prices

Plain place cards = 50 @ £9.99
Printed to your specification:-
40 day Invites £17.99
40 evening invites £17.99
Thank You Cards 40 @ £17.99
Order of Service 40 @ £13.99
Buying the card and printing them yourselves though would cost less, but may be more stressful.

Budget Wedding Cake Prices

Cakes from a high street store = £38 for 2 tiers
Icing £5
Colouring £4.00
Extra Decorations £15.00
Stand Hire £15 for 3 days with a refundable deposit of around £50.

Budget Wedding Party Gift Costs

You can get party bags for girls at £22.26 for 5 bags and for boys for the same price of £22.26 for 5 from online stores such as A Quarter of. Make the bags up from Swizzles Mixed Sweets at £19.55 for 2kg or some Love Hearts Magic wands (10 for £9.80) from Love Hearts website, or simply go to a supermarket and buy the contents to make the bags up yourself.

Total Cost before Venue or Church

=£1197.87 based on 4 bridesmaids, 4 ushers, 2 Flower Girls and 2 Page Boys printed day invites (40) and printed evening invites (40), and purchasing the bridesmaids shoes and 2 cars.
It can be done for less depending on what you want.

It is really the food which increases the cost, so if you choose to have a later wedding and only have the buffet you would probably be looking at £1400 based on 120 guests. You can also assume that 10% will not accept your invite and 10% won't turn up so adjust your catering and number of invites sent to account for this.

If you were to have a wedding breakfast for 40, which would include a drinks package and 3 course meal then for this you would be looking in the region of £1450, then with the buffet as well a total of just under £3000.00. You should add a little more onto the estimated costs for the registrar and any extras which crop up and this would result in the total cost of your budget wedding being around the £4600.00 mark.

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Updated on 20th April, 2009

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