Credit Card Limits

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A higher credit limit means that you have the power to make larger purchases, avoid going over your limit accidentally and possibly organise your finances better by having fewer cards. To increase your limit you will need to have a good credit record, although often if you stay with your credit card company for a long period of time, make payments on time and clear your balance regularly they will increase your credit limit as standard. If you contact your credit card provider they will let you know what criteria they may require before they will consider increasing your limit. A good customer is one who always pays on time and who never goes over the agreed limit.

Always consider your ability to repay any form of credit.

Credit Card Benefits

You can also receive additional benefits such as breakdown cover and travel insurance with some of the gold, platinum and high income credit cards, beware though that some of the "benefit credit cards" do have an annual fee.

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Updated on 22nd May, 2009

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