Double Glazing

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Double Glazing

There are many reasons why people have new double glazed windows installed. Some like to cut down on their heating bills whilst others just like a change of style. Whatever your reason for installing new double glazing here are some top tips:

Window frames types:

Wooden Frames Positives: They look nice. Negatives: More maintenance required. If not maintained they can rot and attract termites.

Aluminium Frames Positives: Strong and durable. Negatives: Poor insulator.

Vinyl Frames (PVCu) Positives: More energy-efficient and relatively maintenance-free. Negatives: Not as strong as wood window frames and aluminum window frames.

Fiber Glass Positives: Inhibits transfer of heat/cold from outside and can be painted. Negatives: Not yet widely available, so sizes may be limited and can be expensive.

Cheap double glazing negatives

A cheap window normally consists of a simple design and one or less openings. You may think this it is a good deal but in the long run it could be a very bad investment as some properties are valued lower due to cheaply made windows.

Double glazing quotes

Get as many quotes as possible from local suppliers or online. Visit a show room if possible and upon ordering your windows make sure you confirm with your supplier how long the deliver will be.

Planning permission

Remember if you are in a listed building or a conservation area you may be required to apply for planning permission before any changes are made to your property.

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