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How much can you save by moving to an alternative energy provider?

In the typical UK home, energy costs are one of the largest outgoings. For example, if your house uses gas for heating then you can expect to pay roughly £300 per bedroom annually. Electricity prices are also on the rise month after month so cutting even a small percentage off your energy bill can mean saving a lot of cash over a number of years. Its well worth investigating how to cut this unavoidable cost down to size and there are three main ways in which you can reduce your energy costs.

Become more energy efficient

Space heating accounts for 60% of household energy demands and by using less energy your bills are going to be smaller. By making your home more energy efficient you can achieve the same levels of comfort whilst saving cash. Sadly, the UK has amongst the least energy efficient housing in the whole of Europe. It’s vital to ensure that your home is well insulated and is properly sealed from the outside world. There is little point in spending your hard earned cash on heating a room only for that hot air to escape through cracked window frames and ill-fitting doors.

Additionally many older homes don’t employ all the modern tricks of the trade for achieving the best insulation possible. For example, modern homes are built with 270 mm of loft insulation as standard. If your home does not meet this level then improvements can be made. This, alongside cavity wall insulation, loft insulation and double-glazing can work together to reduce energy bills. This will also have the edifying effect of reducing your CO2 footprint.

Changing energy provider

Energy suppliers like many large companies rely on their customer’s unwillingness to seek out the best prices for themselves, so it’s worth spending time to find a better deal. Make sure that you agree to pay by direct debit as this can often produce a tasty discount. Many companies are in the process of discontinuing their paper billing and it’s worth checking if this is applicable to you, as this can often provide even more savings. Use a price comparison site like uSwitch to assess the deals available to you and cherry pick the best of the bunch.

Become your own energy supplier

Renewable energy is a common topic of conversation these days and there are numerous ways in which UK households can get in on the act. Advances in technology and have made both solar panels and wind turbines cost effective solutions for household installations. The recent turnaround in government policy about feed in tariffs have put solar technology back on the agenda and it offers a well trodden route for meeting, at least in part, some of your household's energy needs, with the additional opportunity to feed surplus electricity back into the grid. This, alongside the savings you can make on your bills means it’s possible to claw back the initial investment and as renewable energy is a green technology its also a great way to improve your eco credentials.

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