Exchange Rates

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Exchange Rates alter every day and they determine what your money is worth against other forms of foreign currency around the world.
Depending on where you go to change your currency you will be charged a different Rate of Exchange. To make sure you know a good exchange rate from a bad exchange rate you need to check what the current rate of exchange actually is before you embark on your international travel, that way you know what rate you should be trying to get close to.

What are Current Exchange Rates

It is easy to find the current rates of exchange, especially now we have online access to this type of information.

On top of this you could also be charged a Commission Fee, however this does not apply to all currency exchange. Don't assume though that 0% Commission means that is the best deal available on the market, compare Exchange Rates offered as well as Commission Charges as it may be that a provider who is charging commission has a much better Exchange Rate.

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