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Tips for Finding the Best No Win No Fee Solicitor

‘No win, no fee’ solicitors have become increasingly popular in Britain due to the unique service they offer in representing you in legal matters. You don’t have to pay your legal fees if the case is lost; while the losing party will have to pay your legal fees for you if you are successful, so it really is a win-win situation.

Still, you can’t just hire any old solicitor to get the job done. You need to make sure that the person representing you is of good character and can get you the result you need. While you find out more about no win no fee claims, it will pay to have a look through the following tips.

How many cases has your solicitor handled previously?

Nothing prepares a lawyer more than having handled plenty of similar cases before. Bear in mind that a lawyer or solicitor can have years and years of experience on their CV, but the lawyer who’s handled more similar cases recently is far more likely to perform better when it comes down to it.

Is the solicitor willing to take your case?

This is particularly important, when regarding no win, no fee cases. A solicitor is only going to want to take your case if he or she is absolutely certain they can win.

This is because they will lose out on money if they don’t. Make sure that your solicitor is confident of winning the case from your very first meeting.

How approachable is your solicitor?

Your lawyer or solicitor should be someone that you feel comfortable approaching, though you need to have an understanding of their legal knowledge too.

Bad signs include unfriendliness, a ‘devil may care’ attitude, and an unwillingness to explain what certain legal terms mean. This shows that they’re not particularly interested in taking care of you. You should be able to suss your solicitor out on the first meeting – if you don’t like them, keep looking!

Is their practice best suited for your needs?

You need to think about what kind of cases the firm is most suited to. For instance, if it’s a personal injury case that you’re involved in, perhaps they only have a few solicitors who are able and well-versed in that type of case who can help you.

Make sure that you ask how much of their practice is versed in the type of case that you’re involved in.

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