Holidaying with a baby

Around January every year, once Christmas is all but a distant memory, many people start to think about the annual family holiday. For families with grown-up children that are easy to please, planning a holiday is quite straight forward. However, it is a much more difficult undertaking for parents of young families. If this year is the first time you are going on holiday with a baby or young child, then you will be having lots of thoughts about what you'll be needing to take with you and the practicalities of transporting your little one(s) and all of their stuff!

No doubt, holidaying with a baby or toddler is a very different experience to going on holiday as a couple or with a grown-up family, but if you plan well you can look forward to a relaxing break and some quality time together.

One of the greatest problems facing parents of young children holidaying abroad is the amount of stuff they need to take with them and the cost of doing this. For two adults travelling with a child under 2, each adult will typically be allowed to take a suitcase of between 20kg and 30kg. This allowance is usually okay for most of us before we have children, but once you also have to think about nappies, wipes, baby milk and baby food, the baby supplies alone could easily take up this allowance. Most airlines do allow you to book some additional baggage allowance but this can be costly (although cheaper than paying excess baggage charges at the airport!). An alternative is to arrange for baby supplies to be delivered to your holiday destination using a specialist service.

At you can order all of the products that you would normally buy at home in the UK for your baby and have them delivered directly to your holiday accommodation. This could help to save you money and stress.

We've had a look at some typical airline baggage charges and compared them to the delivery rates offered by Little Logistics. For a week's holiday in Spain, the nappies, wipes, milk and food you require for your baby could weigh around 30kg. To check this in as additional baggage would typically cost you around £100 one way, but then you might also have some empty bags to pay for on your return journey! Little Logistics could deliver the same products to your accommodation in Spain for around £35, a saving of £65!

For the more adventurous parents out there, we've also had a look at long haul flights. For a two week holiday in Australia, you would need some extra supplies, likely to weigh around 50kg in total. To check this in as additional baggage would generally cost you around £555 one way. Little Logistics could deliver these products to your hotel or villa for around £285, a saving of £270.

As part of the service offered, Little Logistics will liaise with a contact at your holiday destination to ensure the safe arrival of your package and will contact you before you leave home to confirm that your products are waiting for you on arrival.

Don't forget that by using such a service, you are reducing the number of bags you have to carry around with you, both from your home to the airport and then the destination airport to your accommodation. Sometimes, lots of luggage might even cost you extra in terms of needing a larger hire car or paying extra fees in taxis. This reduction in your baggage can be particularly useful if you are already taking a lot of luggage, for example on a skiing holiday.

Some parents may prefer to consider buying the items they will need once they arrive on holiday. If you are doing this, just remember a few things. If you are staying in a resort, the local shops may only be small and may not sell a large range (if any) of the products you require. Also, it can be difficult to find out in advance if the products you like to use at home in the UK are sold in the country in which you are holidaying.

However you decide to prepare for your holiday with your baby, have a fantastic time and enjoy your well earned break.

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