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There may be reasons why only one part of Home Insurance is purchased, for example if you live in a flat or apartment it may be that the buildings insurance is purchased by the landlord of the building, meaning that you would only need to purchase contents insurance. It may also be that one provider covers your buildings insurance and another your contents and you may not even realise that this is the case as you could have purchased your insurance from an insurance broker and so although you may have only spoken to one person, but the Broker may have contacted many insurers on your behalf to arrange the cheapest cover for you.

If a claim should arise then your first contact would be the broker though they will probably then give you another number to call to actually register your claim.

To determine which cover insures what you can refer to your policy document but if you cannot find your policy document due to it being misplaced then we have provided a general guide to give you an idea of what may be covered under which policy.

Buildings Insurance

Covers anything that is a permanent fixture and fitting the your house, for example the building itself, the roof and fittings such as Showers, Toilets, Sinks, Baths, Windows, Doors, Fitted Kitchens etc.

Contents Insurance

Covers anything that is not a permanent fixture or fitting and this can be summarised as if you were to move, this would be something that could and would be taken with you such as Beds, Clothes, Jewellery, Furniture etc.

However there are some items which can cause dispute such as Flooring and Carpets as a number of companies class carpets and flooring as contents as they can easily be removed and taken if you were to move. However there are many types are flooring that once fitted are very difficult to remove due to being glued into place so in this instance the debate becomes apparent that should this should be classed as part of the building and so be covered under buildings insurance?

The only way to be sure as to what is covered under which insurance is to read through the policy document and if in doubt call the insurance provider to clarify. If you find yourself in a situation where you have made a claim, and which is subsequently rejected you could contact the Financial Ombudsman if you disagree with the rejection of your claim.

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Updated on 20th April, 2009

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