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If you are considering extending your home there may be a few things to consider before taking the plunge.

Our extension guide will give you an idea whether or not an extension is right for you and your home.

Your home extension

Firstly you will need to decide where you want your extension to sit. Remember an extension is a great way to add value to your home but if done wrong it could have a negative effect to your final asking price. For example: If your extension takes up most of your garden it will be harder for you to sell the property in the long run.

Brick extension or a glass extension?

Take a moment to consider other materials other than the standard brick. Brick extensions are valuable when you want a two level extension but glass extensions can give your home a modern feel but bear in mind the style of your property first.

Find a good builder

Do your homework when it comes to choosing a builder. Research and ask to see evidence of their work (portfolios; local projects etc). If one builder is cheaper than your previous quotes don’t be afraid to ask why.

Extension planning permission

You will need to have planning permission before the build goes ahead. Factors that will be taken into account will be: neighbouring objection, privacy, daylight or obstruction views. Any safety or road traffic concerns will be addressed as wells as trees and plants of interest.

Extension architect

An architect is advisable when it comes to building projects such as extensions. They will help with planning permission and will be there to smooth out any problems that may come up, meaning fewer arguments and fewer delays.

Extension specifications

And finally you can also add value to your home by adding additional features within your extension i.e. utility space, cloakroom or even an extra bedroom these lifestyle extras will certainly appeal to any potential buyers.

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