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5 reasons not to move and invest in your current home

It may be a dirty word but the recession is still with us and it’s important that we future proof our investments. The key way to do this is to make sure your home is as valuable as possible. Below we have listed 5 reasons not to move and instead, invest in your current home...

1. Homes require updating

Whether you’re looking to sell in the short or long-term, neglecting home maintenance will cost far more if you don’t react immediately. You wouldn’t neglect the maintenance of your car just because you owe more than it’s worth, so the same applies to your home. Upgrades in energy efficiency will aid in saving money until you are in a position to sell and also increase the market appeal of the property. Hard times are set to continue, so repairs and maintenance will surely impact your sale price.

2. Invest in your neighbours

When people are looking to buy, they are looking for a community as well as a home, so it may be a good time to make friends with your neighbours and create that warm community feeling that will attract future buyers. You can also consider it an opportunity to collectively sort any communal areas, such as car parking spaces, gardens or pavements.

3. Reduced Energy Expenses

By choosing to install modern high performance double glazed windows in your home, you are making one of the best home improvement decisions you’re ever likely to make. It doesn’t need to be expensive, take a look at Zenith double glazing to get a free quote, you’ll earn the money back, and more, in your energy bill savings over the years. Or if you’re really serious about insulating your home consider investing in Zenith front doors, it really will save you and future buyer’s money on fuel costs.

4. The Cost of Materials Has Come Down

Whereas everything else seems to have gone up in price, the cost of building supplies has dropped. There are many deals to be had with large retailers such as B&Q or Homebase, just go to their websites and take a look at the variety of offers available.

5. Reaping the benefit of your efforts

Most home improvements are done when home owners are preparing to sell their house. Sadly, this means they spend money for someone else to reap the benefits. Why not fix your house up now, so you can enjoy the upgrades while you still live there and then profit from the resale value when you’re ready to sell?

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