Jan 2009

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Bargain Hair Colours - Ongoing

With money being much tighter than in previous years I must admit that having my coloured at a salon has become a thing of the past (though I do still go to have it cut). Instead, at my last salon visit I really paid attention as to how to colour my hair. I then shopped around and tried some of the more expensive colours to begin with, which were around £7 each. As I only block colour my hair and it is always the same colour this was successful, though just over 4 months ago I noticed a Schwarzkopf product called Poly Colour which is a permanent cream colour and was only £1.94! A huge saving on what I would normally spend. Of course I was a little cautious but as it was Schwarzkopf (I have used their live collection) I wasn't too worried and as I colour my hair black I figured not much could go wrong.
The results of my bargain colour were great, my hair looked glossy and the colour was really good indeed! You don't get all the added extras such as conditioner and shampoo but I really am not bothered at all and have used this colour 3 times since which totals £5.82 which is still under what I would normally have paid for 1 colour, bargain!

Present Approval

It turns out the rings which I bought really were great, my mum also loves hers and can't believe that we bought it her, and again it also fits. The rings appear to come in an average size and lucky for us both my mum and mother in law have average sized fingers, brilliant!

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Updated on 10th June, 2009

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