June 2008

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Health Insurance - Ongoing

The company for which I work decided to give us the option of joining Healthsure and with this we also had the option of adding our partners too which would be deducted from our salaries.
The plan is actually really good, a lot better than I think I first realised as you are covered to a set amount for various different treatments such as the dentist, opticians, physiotherapy and even acupuncture to name a few.
This has saved us quite a bit of money indeed as we have made claims against new glasses and dental check up's. We only have to pay a very small amount to have my husband included on our policy and so far we have claimed £83.00 back but have only paid around £27 out.
This might only save you a great deal of money if you are part of the scheme through an employer, or if there are many sections under which you can claim so check it out first.

Short Break June 2008

We booked a 4 night caravan holiday at a Haven Park, as our Tesco Clubcard Vouchers were dwindling by this point we did have to add £60 toward the break, but for 4 nights for 2 Adults and 2 Dogs by the beach on a beautiful sunny week in June, has got to be a bargain by anyone's standards. We will definitely be booking a static caravan again next year.

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