How to Loft Conversion

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Add value to your home

If you are considering a loft conversion it will not only add value to your property but will secure extra living space if you are planning to stay.

Loft conversions have many positive factors but only when done correctly. There are certain rules and regulations that need to be followed for you conversion to be successful.

This quick guide will provide you with an insight on how to plan a successful loft conversion.

Will your loft be big enough

Decide whether or not your loft will be big enough. As well as floor size take its height into consideration. Don’t waste money on a conversion when it will only be big enough to be used as storage space.

Find a good builder

The best way to find a good builder is to have them recommended to you. If this is not possible gather together as many quotes as you can and ask the builder for the examples/references of their previous builds. Try not to go for the very cheap option - don’t forget cutting corners to save some money will only make your conversion look cheap not only will it age quicker you will also lose money in the long run.

Council planning permission

Contact your local council as you may need to apply for planning permission before you can start to convert your loft space. If you do not apply and the conversion goes a head a local authority can make you convert the loft back to its original state.

Loft conversion regulations

Like planning permission the correct fire and building regulations need to be met. If you would like your loft room to be an extra bedroom, it will need to have a proper staircase and windows fitted for it to meet those regulations.

Loft conversion advice

And finally…contact your local estate agent for some advice on whether building a conversion will benefit your property. They will have the knowledge to advise; taking into consideration the area, its size and what buyers are generally looking.

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