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51. Look to change over your light bulbs from standard to energy efficient light bulbs, this will also save you money over time and energy saving bulbs are not as expensive to purchase as they used to be. Some standard lightbulbs have now been discontinued in line with EU regulations. Keep an eye open for free energy saving bulbs being given away, as they often are in promotions.

52. Turn your thermostat down and in the rooms you don't use switch the radiators off altogether. You will surprised how much money you can save on gas bills by taking this simple step. Also remember that heat rises and so in theory you can have the radiators lower upstairs than those downstairs. Close doors to bedrooms and the lounge etc and you will find that those rooms soon heat up, allowing you to turn the thermostat down.

53. Have a look in your attic and check your insulation. You could maybe increase it, which will keep your home warmer and result in you using less heating. Other things that you can do is replace old curtains liners to ensure that any draughts are sealed and if you have some spare money and don't have double glazing throughout your house then shop around for a good deal on double or even triple glazing though make sure you read reviews on the companies with which you make enquiries as they may be the cheapest but not come recommended at all.

54. When you leave a room, turn off the lights! Why be charged for lighting a room you are not in! Also make sure other people in your house do the same to make sure you save as much as possible.

55. Don't be lazy and just switch your appliances to standby as this is a huge waste of electric and not always safe! It has been proposed that all new appliances won't even have the option of standby to make people switch them off and cut wastage.

56. Save money on water by having short showers rather than baths, be careful to switch taps off properly so that they aren't dripping or left running. When you're doing your washing or using your dishwasher make sure you have a full load. Simple obvious tips really but they can really save on water waste.

57. You could prove to be better off if you own a large house, but only a 2 or 3 live there by asking for a water meter to be installed.

58. Lower your washing machine temperature to 30 degrees. As long as your clothes are not heavily soiled then you should still be able to get your clothes clean on a wash at 30-40! Mosy detergents nowadays, have been tested to wash at only 30 degrees.

59. Shop around for your utility providers. Use price comparison sites and Cashback sites (though to ensure that you get awarded your Cashback you will probably have to wait over night before making your purchase or clear your cookies). Don't be lazy and just stick to what you know as you could be throwing away money by doing this.

Continued from 99 Money Saving Tips

Updated on 21st April, 2009

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