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61. Low cost airlines are trying to speed up their checking in times by charging per bag checked into the hold. So to avoid the extra costs try and pack all your items into your hand luggage, which means travelling light and not taking scissors, liquids and such like but does mean a speedy check in and departure.

62. Get organised and book your hotel stays online rather than arriving unannounced as this type of stay will usually prove to be more costly.

63. Also sort your car rental online in advance. Car rental can be a market where there is much competition so use this to your advantage and hunt round for the best deals and offers.

64. When planning to travel by bus, coach or rail, avoid travelling at peak times and book online and well in advance. You can get some great discounts by just getting organised and booking in advance.

65. When travelling for a long time stock up on refreshments and food before you leave as buying on board can be very expensive as can buying from service stations.

66. Look out for websites which will send you testers to review, getting sample freebies can be great when you are travelling they are smaller and so much easier to pack!

Continued from 99 Money Saving Tips

Updated on 21st April, 2009

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