New Kitchens

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Improving and revamping your kitchen can be fun. There are a lot of things to consider when organising your new kitchen and stress can easily creep in to spoil your fun.

We have created a quick guide to help you avoid any financial surprises when creating your new kitchen.

The cost of a kitchen

The first thing is to think practical, leave the colour scheme till last., you can cost these later. You will need to ask yourself do I want new appliances i.e. fridge, cooker, washing machine etc. If the answer is yes, make sure you add these additional costs into your plan.

Kitchen layout ideas

Think about the kind of layout you would like for your kitchen. Bear in mind its room size and to leave extra space if you want room for a dining area.

Custom made kitchen or a flat pack kitchen?

You will need to think about what kind of kitchen would benefit you and not strain you financially. You could go for the custom made kitchen or a flat pack kitchen. A custom made kitchen is generally more expensive than a flat pack kitchen. Don’t forget to take into account other material costs such as flooring, decoration and kitchen appliances.

Kitchen options

If you do go for the cheaper option than you can either pay somebody to fit your kitchen for you or you may know somebody who is quite skilled at kitchen installation. If you choose the custom made option then try to get as many quotes as possible to get a good deal or visit their showroom to see their complete range.

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