Nov 2008

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Reducing Monthly Outgoings

We decided to sit down and really look at all our monthly outgoings to see where we could save any money. To be honest I thought that everything we paid for we needed or at least wanted, and so were really surprised at the items we found.
We had missed a mobile phone insurance contract, which had been added on to my husband's phone and which he thought he had cancelled, cancelling this saved £10 per month.
We also dropped our sky package from full to the basic £16 per month as when we really considered what was on the full package we realised that actually we only used the channels that were included on the basic, so why pay more? This saved us £28 per month.
We cancelled a health policy that we no longer needed being as we now had the Healthsure policy and this saved us £38 per month. And, we cancelled a mobile phone contract which we were not really using any more, this saved £25 per month.
So in total we saved £101 per month.
This also helped us identify how much we actually spent on food shopping each week and helped us realise that we needed to be much more cost effective and stop buying the more expensive branded make if there was a cheaper alternative to test.
Where many of the cleaning products, cereals, painkiller medications and some frozen foods such as oven chips are concerned this has proven to be a really effective exercise in saving money and has really lowered our weekly supermarket shopping bills.

Present Approval

It was my Mother in Laws birthday yesterday and the present really was very well received, in fact she was stunned! And as an added bonus it fits, how great is that!

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Updated on 10th June, 2009

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