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31. If you do choose to eat out be careful with your choices. For example, if you want a Steak, opt for a Sirloin instead of a Fillet, which will cost less but you won't feel like you are missing out. Also maybe only go for 2 courses instead of 3, or choose a cheaper starter and a cheaper dessert to balance out the cost. Keep the splashing out for special occasions and you will probably appreciate them more then too. Check the cost of a glass of wine as it may be that for 3 glasses of wine you could have bought the bottle from which you would get more than 3 glasses. Check with the rest of your table what they are drinking to see if this would be a worthwhile option.

32. Look for restaurants which have reasonably priced drinks. Pub/restaurants can be good for this as they tend to have bar prices rather than restaurant prices, or look for restaurants which allow you to take your own alcohol.

33. Instead of getting together with friends for meals out set yourselves a rota where you take it in turns to have dinner parties at one another's houses. That way not just one couple has all the work and cleaning to do and you could even set themes which would liven the party up and set you all in good spirits.

34. When going out on the town for the night, try to not go out too early. Instead, meet up at one of your houses and have a few drinks before you leave. This will get you in the swing of things before you even set off and it will cost less too!

35. If you joined a gym with good intentions of going but of late you haven't been attending then consider cancelling your membership and instead either going running or getting a second hand exercise bike. You could also look for gym's where you can pay as you go.

36. Instead of signing up for a slimming club for which you will have to pay, check with your family and friends if they are thinking of joining a club too and if there are enough of you start your own club. Help one another with diets and research on the internet, you could even arrange to exercise together by going swimming or out for walks. Many supermarkets now offer slimming clubs which you join online. By giving them your details, they provide you with ideas, and even give you a shopping list for all the menus they provide. These are often cheaper to join than the usual slimming clubs.

37. Select your cinema day carefully to avoid paying full price for cinema tickets. Most cinemas offer cheap weekend or daytime prices, and if you know someone with an Orange mobile phone you can get 2-for-1 tickets on Wednesdays with their Orange Wednesday promotion.

38. Check what your local council is providing during the summer holidays in the form of free or cheap events for families or children to take part in and make the best of what is on offer. Some local coouncils now offer free swimming for Under16s and Over 60s.

39. On a rainy day when you are stuck for a place to go with your children, why not pop down to your local library as not only are there Books but there are Magazines, DVDs and CDs now too.

40. Share costs such as season tickets or memberships to Theme Parks with your friends, that way you all enjoy the benefit of going to some matches and days out but don't have to pay the full cost.

41. Look out for Market Research opportunities where you can join up and go and test services and products. This could be from hair dressers to meals out, being a mystery shopper or just trying a product. Either way it is usually free to participate and can be fun too.

Continued from 99 Money Saving Tips

Updated on 21st April, 2009

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