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15. Join cash back sites like Internet Cashback and earn cash back while you shop. The cash back can vary dependant on your purchase and cash back sites having different terms and conditions so check them out to see which suits you the best. Also quite often cash back sites will promote discount codes which you enter at checkout which you would not find offered in store.

16. Get to grips with price comparison sites as using them could save you a significant amount of money, keep in mind though that not all merchants or providers are on price comparison sites so it could still be worth getting quotes from companies which do not appear.

17. If you can resist don't impulse shop! If you see something that you really like hide it behind something else and go and check the price elsewhere first. You might find it cheaper or decide that actually you don't need it after all.

18. When doing your weekly shop, consider your chosen supermarkets "economy range" as often the products are the same just in different packaging and are very much cheaper.

19. Have a winter, spring, summer or autumn clean and sell anything you don't want or use anymore on Ebay. It is really quick and easy to sell on Ebay now and although you have the hassle of packaging up the goods and taking them to the post office you will really feel that it has been worth it when you have a nice little fund of money that you otherwise would not have had.

20. If you don't do your grocery shopping online then do it at night if you can as supermarkets such as ASDA or Tesco often reduce the price of food such as ready meals, bread, milk or cakes at the end of the day to make sure they sell it. The only drawbacks of this is usually they do close the tills meaning that you have to use the self serve ones which isn't everyone's cup of tea, and also counters such as Fresh Fish and Meats are also closed.

21. Before you go shopping, make a list of what you need and then stick to it. If you don't know what you need, you'll be more likely to overspend on items you really didn't need. Never shop hungry as this makes you buy lots of snacky treats and makes you much more easily tempted to buy items which you wouldn't buy if you weren't hungry.

22. Invest in a flask to stop you having to call at coffee shops where a cup of coffee could end up costing you around £2 a cup!

23. Get organised and make your own pack lunches for work, this will save you pounds against going out every day to buy your lunch.

24. Try to avoid ready meals as overall they will cost you more. If you are not a wiz in the kitchen then look up some easy recipes online and start simple. You will find that it won't take too much time and will even save you money.

25. Check sell by dates on the food you buy and check if it is freezable. Otherwise you risk buying too much food which cannot be eaten before it is out of date.

26. Try to make use of leftover meals, by either putting them in the fridge and taking them to work the following day or mixing them into your dog's tea. This will save on buying lunches or dog food but be careful with what you give to your dog as they should still have a balanced diet and too much fatty foods will not be good for them and could cause health issues.

27. Look out for special offers, but don't be tempted to bulk up on your buy if you know that it will go to waste, but for items like washing powder, washing up liquid, bin bags, toothpaste or shampoo it could save you pounds in the long run!

28. Don't try keeping up with the Jones's; just because they have bought a new gadget or car it doesn't mean you have to. Wait some time, the price will drop and also any teething problems will more than likely be rectified meaning that your purchase is better value for money all round.

29. Keep an eye out for gifts for your friends and family would like. Look for these items all year round, especially when sales are on. As long as you have somewhere safe to keep them, and which you will remember, then it makes expensive times such as Christmas less stressful and balances out your spend.

Continued from 99 Money Saving Tips

Updated on 21st April, 2009

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