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Selling CDs and DVDs

Strapped for cash after Christmas? Make good money selling old CDs and DVDs

Christmas spending can wipe you out for the first part of January, perhaps slightly in to February and in the worse cases the festive season can make a dent in your bank balance way in to March. You do not have time to get an extra job, so why not sell some of the things you no longer want or need? Maybe you didn’t realise that there are different options for selling your CDs, so below we have listed 5 of the ways you can turn your discs into cash.

1. Your local record store

Contrary to popular belief, local record stores do still exist. Luckily they haven’t all been pushed into the darkness by massive chain stores and the age of digital downloads. Music fans still visit (and love) independent music shops and the fantastic news is, they will usually still buy your unwanted CDs from you.

2. Music Magpie

Music Magpie is an extremely easy way to sell CDs or DVDs online. All you need to do is enter the barcodes from each of the CDs, DVDs and Games that you want to sell. Once you have entered all of your items (a minimum of 10), click "Complete Trade". When Music Magpie receives the CDs or DVDs from you, a cheque will be issued and sent to you - it really is as painless as that!

3. Garage sale

This sounds like an American concept, but people in the UK also see the benefit of opening up their garage or home to have a clear out, get rid of unwanted items and to make some space. CDs and DVDs are an easy sell compared to battered old TVs and moth eaten sofas. Just set up an event on Facebook, and get your friends to spread the word, you will be making money from those old Phil Collins CDs in no time.

4. Amazon

Yes, you can sell used CDs and DVDs too. Many people choose to sell their old books and CDs by signing up for Amazon's Advantage program. All you have to do is list your products then, when something is sold you have to split the profit with Amazon. Just scroll down to the bottom of the Amazon home page and click "Join Advantage" then "Apply Now!" to get started. Simply list the types of products that you want to sell. Then when approved, you will receive a confirmation email and will immediately be able to sell your products on the site.

5. eBay

This is the place to go to seriously ramp up the value if you think your CD might be valuable. Perhaps you have Coldplay’s first EP, or a signed copy of Under the Watch Tower. Whatever the uniqueness, there is bound to be another music fanatic that values it as much as you did and is willing to buy it from you.

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