Using Cash Machines

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Always make sure that the front of the cash machine looks as it should and also that there is no recording equipment hidden above the cash machine.
Devices have been created by fraudsters which can read your card information including recording your pin, these devices are quite obvious though as they do stick out from the front of the machine, or drop down above so always be aware and take a good look at the ATM before inserting your card.

When putting your pin number into either an atm machine or in a pin pad in a shop, make sure no one is looking over your shoulder who could see you enter your pin number. If you feel someone is standing too close to you, don't feel that you are being rude by asking them if they wouldn't mind standing further away from you. There is a good chance that they are perfectly innocent but if they are trying to see your number they obviously don't feel bad about stealing from you.

There was also a myth going around not so long back that if you were taken to a cash machine by a thief or were threatened at a cash machine that if your entered your pin number backward then it would:-
1) notify the police to dispatch help to you and
2) still actually let you withdraw the money
This does seem like it would be a great idea but it isn't actually true, if you entered your pin number backward the cash machine would just say that you have entered the wrong pin and it would not notify anyone, though it might annoy the thief and actually put you in even more danger.

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Updated on 15th May, 2009

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