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Wedding Photographs and Videos

It is a huge fear that you go through your entire wedding, have all your pictures taken and the day recorded and then for some unknown reason none of the pictures come out or the video doesn't record. In this event many policies will pay up to a set amount for you to re stage the pictures, though obviously with the use of the venue again, the outfits for you and your wedding party, hair, make up ect you could easily exceeded the amount allowable for this occurrence so do keep this in mind. The likelihood of this actually happening has been greatly reduced with many photographers using digital technology so the risk is much less than it has been in the past.

Wedding Day Cancellations

Most wedding insurance policies will cover you if it turns out that your wedding has been double booked, whether this be by the venue or your caterers. It also covers you if your vicar, priest or registrar becomes un contactable, is double booked and cannot provide a replacement, or if there is a bereavement meaning you cannot go ahead with the original wedding date.
If you were to fall ill or become so stressed that you cannot continue with your wedding then you may not be covered although there are some exceptions. If you are taken in to hospital due to stress then your policy may cover you, and if you did not know about an illness which results in your wedding being cancelled or you have made the company aware of an existing illness and paid a higher premium as a result then they should still cover you. Though if you are aware of an illness which you do not disclose to the wedding insurance provider or you suffer from stress which does not result in hospital admission and this is the cause of the wedding cancellation then you will not be covered.
Wedding policies will not cover you if you or your other half simply change your mind, but some may offer cover of counselling so that you can maybe get back on track before the big day.

Wedding Day Personal Liability

This covers you for accidents which may occur and are directly related to you and not the venue (as they will have their own public liability insurance) and example of this is you trip over your own dress walking back up the aisle, accidentally push over one of the bridesmaids who falls and breaks her arm and demands compensation from you. This cover will not apply though if you have an injury or cause an injury to another person due to drinking too much alcohol.

Having to Reschedule your Wedding Day

Most policies should offer some assistance toward the cost if you have to rearrange your wedding, though this may depend on the circumstances. Always check exactly what is covered and also how much they would be willing to pay if you did have to re schedule your wedding day.

Wedding Day Weather

You would not be covered for Bad Weather, unless the weather on your wedding day was so bad that you and the majority your guests, or the majority of guests could not attend your wedding.

Transport on your Wedding Day

If you have chosen Hire or another form of transport to and from your wedding you will know that it can be quite costly and so if the company from which you have hired the transport go bust or cannot provide the transport which you have booked you may feel that you would like to have protection in place, especially if you have already paid in full for the service.

Wedding Insurance Hazardous Pursuits Exclusions

Be careful when you read the terms and conditions under this section as what you would consider as hazardous and what the insurer classes as hazardous may be two entirely different things. For example many insurers class horse riding as hazardous and they even class some jobs such as builders as hazardous and so will not cover them. Make sure you know exactly what you need to be covered for and exactly what cover is providing before going ahead with any insurance policy.

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Updated on 21st April, 2009

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